Bible Verse Plaque

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Have your favorite bible verse engraved on a beautiful wood plaque to hang on your wall, or sit proudly on your desk or shelf, to keep you encouraged and your faith up all day.  Give them as love gifts to your friends, family or church members for that much needed spiritual lift.  Show everyone that you are not ashamed to declare your Christian faith.  You choose the bible verse, the bible translation, and the font.  You are the designer for the perfect gift.  Three sizes to choose from; 5" by 7", 6" by 8", 8" by 10", or 12" by 15".   These plaques are 3/4" thick, have a beautiful step edge, and come in 2 "real" wood choices, either Dark Walnut or Alder wood (a lighter color).  All plaques will be in portrait layout unless otherwise indicated (but it's still your choice).  Remember, you are the designer, every plaque is custom made when you order it, so just like any other custom work, all sales are final (we take the spelling directly out of the bible translation that you choose).  Please keep in mind that the more words in the verse, the small the font will have to be.