Bridal Party Nuance Clear Flute

  • $15.95

Sold separately so you can order as many as you need for each of your wedding party to use at the reception and to keep as a keepsake.  This 5 3/4 ounce flute 2 inches across the top and 7 3/4 inches high and is the perfect size for toasting the new couple at their perfect wedding.  It is simple yet stylish, not too big and not too small.

As with any glassware, small irregularities and or small air bubbles make each flute somewhat unique and may ad some special "Character" to your engraved design.

The laser engraving on clear glass will give you a whitish or frosted appearance everywhere it is engraved.  Because the engraving is etched into the glass surface, the design in your glass will last and is dishwasher safe.