Holy Bible NKJV

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This bible's cover is "Leatherflex" and has large text, end of verse references, translation notes, bible book introdutions, stars marking messianic prophecies, concordance and words of Christ in red. It is about 5.5" wide by 8.75" high.

Laser engraving burns the image into the item being engraved, so the coloring is a variation of the color of the object being engraved.  You can have it engraved with a name and date, occasion and name, or what ever you wish.  Or you can choose to have your favorite bible verse engraved on the front instead.  If that is the case, then just enter the verse reference, we'll take care of the rest for you.  We will engrave the verse in The New King James Version and keep it in a 4" by 4" area on the front of the bible. So keep in mind, a really large verse, the print may have to get smaller.